What is UK Astronomy?

UK Astronomy started as one man in a field.

His name was Ross Hockham all he was looking for was some friends to share his passion with.


The field, was Emberton Sports and Social Clubs, where he was spotted one night and invited in for coffee and cake.  


Where he was asked "why not do a presentation here?"  


His first event was a flop! As only he was there.  

His second event... he was alone again!  

His third and fourth a weekend event.......

there was torrential rain and storms!

No one turned up!


BUT this did not deter him and on his fifth event,

at last people turned up to enjoy the skies with him.


His wife asked 'why not just make a facebook group?'

He called it "UK Astronomy" and invited 30 of his unlucky friends.


A couple of years on, the facebook group is over 2700 members strong, Ross now holds events all over Buckinghamshire.  

He is regularly joined by his new found Astro buddies who all give up their time freely to help teach schools, community groups, kids clubs, pretty much anyone who would like to look up or learn about the sky, sometimes up to 100 people at a time....!!


Who is UK Astronomy for?

Ross wanted UK Astronomy to be about people like him.  

He wanted someone who was a complete beginner and knew nothing about the sky to be able to come along, see and learn about the great sights in our night sky within a safe and friendly atmosphere, for all ages.


UK Astronomy is a place for everyone to get together and find local people in their communities to go stargazing with.

It is for total beginners and pros alike.


What UK Astronomy does?


Is full of astronomers from all over the UK who are willing to chat, help and advise you on pretty much any subject,

We also post monthly guides about what’s happening in the sky from our events page about anything of interest that people may enjoy seeing either with naked eye, binoculars or a telescope there’s something for everyone.  


We also run a free monthly photo competition which you can find more details of on this website.



UK Astronomy do a series of events that are run in the local area of Milton Keynes, Nr Olney, Northampton and Aylesbury, in fact most of Buckinghamshire. These events are open for all to attend, we rely on donations to help with our running costs, which includes tea, coffee, biscuits and presentations covering a variety of topics, a huge range of gear inc solar scopes to help us take you out to see something any time of day if the skies are clear.


UK Astronomy loves visiting local interest groups and schools.

If you would be interested in us visiting your school or group please contact us at info@ukastronomy.org for more details.


We will even just pop round to your house, for a cup of tea and help you with any scope setting up or general interest with your star gazing needs.


Because we want to share this amazing hobby with everyone.....