UK Astronomy's Mobile Observatory Project

The Space Crafter

Thanks to various donations from our members, commercial bodies, community groups, foyle foundation and persimmons homes we have not only achieved our goal of converting a van into a mobile observatory but will have it running for at least two years!


This is our blog page to keep everyone up to date on the Space Crafters progress,


We have spoken to various dealers and conversion groups since winning an amazing amount from Persimmons thanks to you voting for us, and have chosen where we will be buying the van from and who will be converting it.


Early January I went to visit a group called shred & butta who convert buses, camper vans, american school buses pretty much everything and talked to them about our project.... they loved it and gave us many ideas of how to go about not only making it practical but a show piece, giving our community a wow factor to enjoy.


After researching the best vehicle for the job we decided to go for a VW Crafter as it had the dimensions and budget that we needed, on visiting Brian Currie Vans in MK they jumped at the chance to help a local charities project by discounting over £7000 off the cost price of the van, massively helping us do more with your donations.


6th January we officially put a deposit down for the VW Crafter which will be arriving in 7-10 days,

which will then be delivered to the Shred & Butta guys to start work on making it a mobile observatory.


Watch this space to see updates as they happen and the van be turned into a Mobile Observatory

helping bring the skies to you.



Donations can be given either by cheque made payable to UK Astronomy Limited and sent 3 Pleshey Close,

Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes, MK5 6EP or sent directly to our Just Giving Page.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and a bigger thank you should you decide to donate to UK Astronomy Ltd.