22nd April

Something cool to see on our moon is the

Lunar X and V as the terminator or shadow

crosses the moon it is just at the right place for a strange phenomena to happen,

It hits a couple of craters ridges at just the right point tonight to make a X and a V appear on the moon.

This page is to go alongside the monthly TGP Nominal podcast where UK Astronomy will be talking about the current months highlights in the UK skies, Each month there will be an object of the month spoken about in the podcast and a visual guide to go with it will be posted here, to help YOU go out and see something cool each month in our skies....



You can find this months podcast by

clicking on TGP Nominals LOGO:


On 22/23rd If you look East and find the star VEGA in the constellation LYRA

The lesser known LYRID meteor shower will be radiating from this area

While here get your scope out and have a peek inbetween these two stars in LYRA

And you may see The Ring Nebula, A dying star....

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