We have purchased a baadar solar filter for Ross's 10nch Dobby enabling us to do astronomy during the day and show the public our sun safely, educating people about sun spots and the suns solar cycle and have since bought another for a computerised scope that was donated by a very kind indivdual who loved what we did.

Thanks to all your donations and grants from community and commercial bodies we are currently in the process of purchasing and building our SPACE CRAFTER a mobile observatory able to visit people all over the UK.


We will be able to reach, teach and inspire more people across the UK.  We are aiming to buy a van, wrap it, kit it out with scopes, an awning, projector and screen, events tent, gallery, solar panels and have enough funds to keep it up and running for two years.


Meaning that UK Astronomy can bring the skies to you...!

We were able to purchase a 16 inch tracking dobby, to see deep space objects, teach astrophotography, pretty much anything in the sky! Thanks to a member of UK Astronomy we now have this amazing scope which will be the center piece in our Mobile Observatory. We also purchased a number of smaller scopes, binoculars and eyepieces so more people could enjoy the skies with us.

Thanks to a kind member of the FB group were able to purchase a Hydrogen Alpha Scope enabling us to do more talks during the day, showing the public solar prominences and doing school presentations about our sun, solar flares

and how it affects our planet.

One of our first purchases were a number of inflatable solar system's to take to schools and local interest groups to help with 'hands on' education teaching children of all ages about the solar system, and our place in it.

UKAstronomy1st-9978 help-and-support


Thanks to you....



We are now looking to purchase a inflatable planetarium so even if it is cloudy we can do interactive talks underneath the stars.


This will be an especially fantastic addition to teaching schools so the children can actually see the night skies and point out some of the amazing things they can see.


Truly bringing the skies to you....