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The Prizes:

At the end of the year every quiz winner will receive one of our fantastic calendars with all the great images from our monthly photo competition throughout the year absolutely FREE.  Plus various other prizes.


August Quiz

1.Who was the first person to reach space.

2.Who was the first person to pilot a craft in space.

3.Who was the first person to splashdown in a spacecraft.

4.Who was the first person to perform a spacewalk.

5.Name the 2 astronauts to successfully perform the first space docking.

6.Who made the first solo space flight around the moon.

7.Who made the first footprints on the moon.

8.Who took the first photo on the moon.

9.Who were the first men to travel on a wheeled vehicle on the moon.

10.Who was the first astronaut to die after a spaceflight during landing.

11.Who made the first un-tethered spacewalk.

12.Which woman made the first female spacewalk.

13.Who was the first space tourist to fund their own trip into space.

14.Who made the first privately funded suborbital space flight.

15.Who was the first person to spend more than 24 hours in space.

16.Who made the first suborbital winged spacecraft spaceflight.

17.Who were the astronauts to perform an EVA out of sight of their spacecraft.

18.Which county was the first to have 2 females in space at the same time.

19.What were the first living organisms sent into space.

20.What were the names of the first animals to safely return to Earth from an orbital spaceflight.





Remember guys & girls we now need 20 ENTRIES MINIMUM for a bonus prize to be added to the winnings.


How to enter:

Read the questions below and copy or print them off.

Find your answers any way you want.

There will be no need for long stories telling how you found your answers, just your full name and answers will suffice, if you don’t know an answer or can’t find it then take a guess, you never know you might still get it right.

Send your answers with the month you are entering Quiz Answers as the subject line (e.g. August quiz answers) in an e-mail to ukastronomy@btinternet.com before the end of the month in list order of the questions;

e.g Mick Scott

1 answer

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3 answer etc.

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