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The Prizes:

At the end of the year every quiz winner will receive one of our fantastic calendars with all the great images from our monthly photo competition throughout the year absolutely FREE.


October Questions

1. How old is our Sun.

2. To human eyes if we could look directly at the sun without any atmosphere, what colour would it be.

3. The sun is 2% other, 28% Helium and 70% what other substance.

4. The sun contains what % of the mass of the solar system.

5. At the sun’s core, energy is created by what type of Fusion.

6. Which planet will be consumed first when the sun expands.

7. How many km’s per second does the sun travel at.

8. Our sun is currently known as a, Red, Yellow or White Dwarf.

9. A sunspot is what form of released energy.

10. The Romans called the sun Sol, what did the Greeks call the sun.




How to enter:

Read the questions below and copy or print them off.

Find your answers any way you want.

There will be no need for long stories telling how you found your answers, just your full name and answers will suffice, if you don’t know an answer or can’t find it then take a guess, you never know you might still get it right.

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