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The Prizes:

At the end of the year every quiz winner will receive one of our fantastic calendars with all the great images from our monthly photo competition throughout the year absolutely FREE.  Plus various other prizes.


FEBRUARY questions


1. What is the name of the British Astronaut that blasted off from planet Earth on 15th December 2015.

2. What was the name of the rocket.

3. What is the tradition that all Astronauts do prior to leaving the Cosmonaut Hotel in Baikonur.

4. Yuri Gagarin started a tradition in 1961 en route to the launch pad that all Astronauts still carry out today, what is this tradition.

5. The official boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space is called what.

6. What is the third common language spoken on the ISS.

7. Columbus, Leonardo, Destiny & Unity are some of the named pressurised modules on the ISS, true or false.

8. Which time zone is mainly used onboard the ISS.

9. What was the name of the Astronaut that designed The Don Pettit’s Cup in 2008.

10. There are always two CMO trained Astronauts on board the ISS, what does CMO stand for.

11. Astronauts on board the ISS have a treadmill called T2, and another exercise machine called CEVIS, what is CEVIS.

12. How long did it take Tim to complete the London Marathon in space.

13. What item did Tim wear on his space suit that has never been in outer space before.

14. Astronauts sometimes need to wear MAG’s, what is a MAG.

15. The visor on a space suit helmet is made of Polycarbonate Plastic which is also coated in what material.

16. How many layers of material did Tim’s space suit comprise of.

17. During a space walk if an Astronaut hit a hammer against another metal object the sound it made would be the same as on Earth, true or false.

18. How many orbits of planet Earth did the ISS complete during Tim Peake’s duration on board.

19. From undocking from the ISS to landing back on Earth how long in hours and minutes did the journey take.

20. How many sunrises would an Astronaut see during a 24 hour period on board the ISS.



Remember guys & girls we now need 20 ENTRIES MINIMUM for a bonus prize to be added to the winnings.


How to enter:

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Find your answers any way you want.

There will be no need for long stories telling how you found your answers, just your full name and answers will suffice, if you don’t know an answer or can’t find it then take a guess, you never know you might still get it right.

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