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June Quiz

1. Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun, true or false.

2. How many days does it take Earth to revolve round the Sun once.

3. Earths Lithosphere is made up of how many layers.

4. Earths outer core at an estimated 2900km thick is made up from what type of element.

5. To the nearest degree, what is Earths Obliquity.

6. To the nearest mile, what is the equatorial circumference of Earth.

7. Excluding Argon, Carbon Dioxide & Water Vapour what other elements make up Earth’s atmosphere.

8. How many years ago is it thought to be that Earth was created.

9. 71% of Earth is covered by what.

10. How many Frigid zones are found on our planet.

11. The Earth’s North & South poles switch places every few hundred thousand years, true or false.

12. Solar winds are deflected in part, by what.

13. How many miles bigger is the Earth’s diameter at the equator than the pole to pole diameter.

14. What is the deepest know point of our planet.

15. Earth’s Perihelion occurs around the 3rd January, true or false.

16. On what date does Earth’s Aphelion occur.

17. In 1 sidereal year, Earth has travelled 400 million miles, true or false.

18. How many Major Tectonic Plates make up part of Earth’s outer crust.

19. What percentage of planet Earth is made up of dry land.

20. Is Earth’s rotation increasing or decreasing.




Remember guys & girls we now need 20 ENTRIES MINIMUM for a bonus prize to be added to the winnings.


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