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Answers will be verified by at least 2 UK Astronomy members.

At the end of each month the names of everyone with ALL 10 correct answers will be posted on UK Astronomy facebook page. In front of each name there will be a number so for e.g. if there are 15 people all with the correct answers then you will be numbered from 1 to 15 in no particular order of names.

A random number generator will then choose one of the numbers and a screenshot of the winning number along with all the correct answers will then be posted naming and tagging the winner.


The Prizes:

At the end of the year every quiz winner will receive one of our fantastic calendars with all the great images from our monthly photo competition throughout the year absolutely FREE.  Plus various other prizes.


December Questions - You only have 7 days to complete this months quiz so make sure you get your entries in quick!

1.Which famous Christmas song begins with the lyrics, 'You better watch out, you better not cry'?

2.True or false: There are three towns/cities in the United States named Santa Claus?

3.In which country is Father Christmas known as Weihnachtsmann?

4.On what night does the Christmas season come to an end: 5th, 8th or 12th

5.True or false: There are two calling birds in the 12 Days of Christmas song?

6.Which is the most famous reindeer of all?

7.In which country does Christmas Day occur first:

8.What is the name of the snowman in the Disney movie Frozen?

9.What Christmas product was invented by a London sweet maker named Tom Smith?

10.What does the word NOEL mean




How to enter:

Read the questions below and copy or print them off.

Find your answers any way you want.

There will be no need for long stories telling how you found your answers, just your full name and answers will suffice, if you don’t know an answer or can’t find it then take a guess, you never know you might still get it right.

Send your answers with the month you are entering Quiz Answers as the subject line (e.g. Septembers quiz answers) in an e-mail to ukastronomy@btinternet.com before the end of the month in list order of the questions;

e.g Mick Scott

1 answer

2 answer

3 answer etc.

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