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The Prizes:

At the end of the year every quiz winner will receive one of our fantastic calendars with all the great images from our monthly photo competition throughout the year absolutely FREE.  Plus various other prizes.


April Questions:

1. What was Stephen Hawking’s date of birth?

2. What was his middle name.

3. What is the title of his book published in 1988.

4. His book appeared on the British Sunday Times best seller list for a record breaking how many weeks.

5. What were Frank & Isobel to Stephen Hawking.

6. The Hawking family moved to St Albans in what year.

7. At the age of 13, Hawking missed his scholarship exam for what reason.

8. What is the meaning of the second law of black hole dynamics that Hawking postulated in 1970.

9. In what year did Hawking receive the Albert Einstein Medal.

10. What was the name of the communication computer program given to Hawking in 1986 from Walter Woltosz.

11. What form of aeroplane flight did Hawking experience in 2007.

12. On 14th July 1965 Hawking was married, what was the name of his bride to be.

13. Finish the quote by Hawking, The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance,,,,,,

14. Who played Stephen Hawking in the film, The Theory of Everything.

15. How many years was Hawking told he had left to live when he contracted motor neurone disease in 1963.

16. How many children did Hawking have from his first marriage.

17. What was Hawking’s recorded IQ score

18. What nickname was Hawking given at school

19. Hawking’s first book written with George Ellis was called what

20. Hawking’s believed that the notion of there being a heaven or an afterlife was just a fairy story for people afraid of what.


Remember guys & girls we now need 20 ENTRIES MINIMUM for a bonus prize to be added to the winnings.


How to enter:

Read the questions below and copy or print them off.

Find your answers any way you want.

There will be no need for long stories telling how you found your answers, just your full name and answers will suffice, if you don’t know an answer or can’t find it then take a guess, you never know you might still get it right.

Send your answers with the month you are entering Quiz Answers as the subject line (e.g. Septembers quiz answers) in an e-mail to ukastronomy@btinternet.com before the end of the month in list order of the questions;

e.g Mick Scott

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