Spot the Stars Challenge

In honour of Wil Cheung becoming an International Dark Sky delegate we are setting UK Astronomy members a star spotting challenge to win a 2021 stargazing book!

From tonight (15th November) till the 1st December we want you to help by counting how many stars you can see in the constellation AURIGA and completing the form to help us find out how light pollution is affecting your area.

It’s not a competition so even if you only see 1 or 2 stars you will still be entered into the prize draw, its more about going out looking up learning and having fun, although everyone who enters will receive a certificate as a UK Astronomy Star Spotter so get the kids involved.

Good luck everyone and clear skies.

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How to spot Auriga

Look to the N-E, if you see Mars then Auriga is found to the left of the planet.

Find the V shape cluster known as the Hyades which is the head of Taurus the bull. Above this you should see a small cluster of bright blue stars - thats the seven sisters. Below is Orion and the bright red giant Betelgeuse.

Just to the left of Taurus will be a pentagon type shape of stars - this is Auriga.

See how many you can spot just using

your eyes.

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Who are the IDA?

The International Dark Skies Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations, find out more about the awesome work they do here:

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