A bit of back story.... My dad bought me this for Xmas about 10 years ago now. Him and me used to fart around together stargazing and doing a bit of astrophotography. We were never great at it and didn't really know what we were doing but it was something we used to do together and it was pretty special.


Three years ago he was killed in a car accident. I was 7 months pregnant with my second son at the time and we named him Orion after my dad's favourite constellation, it was the one we always started with when we were stargazing. I couldn't bring myself to use the scope again on my own after his death as it bought back too many painful memories so I lent it to my cousin who has had it for the last couple of years.


Earlier this year I met Ross Hockham through his lovely wife Frankie Hockham who I met through her job at Medical Detection Dogs. He has bought the love of the skies back to me by giving me someone to share it with and I'm so honoured to be part of this group as well. All of you who have posted here have given me, piece, by piece, the strength to come back to it. The irony is, I have now bought Ross in to the very special place where me and dad used to spend most of our time, camping, star gazing and sailing, Great Moor Sailing Club which has now become UK Astronomy's dark sky site.


So, Ross and Frankie..... And the rest of you crazy sky geeks..... I just want to say a massive, heart felt "thank you!" .... For everything. It means more than you can know to be part of this and I look forwards to sharing many more evenings with you all staring into infinity.


Live long, and prosper


I've finally got my scope back  - Becky Gouverneur



Mum, If I do become an astronaut or a scientist I hope Ross is still around so I can say it's thanks to him"




What a great and informative evening.  The speaker was very knowlegable and humorous and I now want a telescope!




The talk was brilliant.  My daughter was transfixed and loved the talk.  She was so disappointed that it was too cloudy to see the stars but was hooked on Ross's talk and has already asked her grandad if we can borrow his telescope to find the stars.  Thanks so much to Ross for coming.


Meghan Heath